Feb 15
Multiple cans of paint filled with various colors grouped together

Painting with a Purpose: Know Your Stuff Before You Start

The winter season is slowly slipping away from us, and believe it or not, it’s the best season for getting some painting done around your home! The crisp air is great for the paint, and snow days being gone means you can open your windows and give you time to finally finish the wall behind the couch. But, before you start, it’s important to do your research and buy the right paint for the […]

by Storm Guard
Nov 01

Common Winter Roof Problems

Your roof is exposed to the elements day after day, with some of the harsher conditions being the heat of summer and the cold and ice of winter. Regularly maintaining your roof is the first step in preventing leaks and other issues, but winter can cause havoc on it anyway. There are a few common winter roof problems you should be aware of so you can take action. Ice Dams An ice dam is […]

by shill
Oct 29
Top Bugs and Insects You Might Find in Your Home This Winter

Top Bugs and Insects You Might Find in Your Home This Winter

To quote US Magazine: Bugs! They’re just like us! Okay, maybe they’re not frequenting the Starbucks on Hollywood Boulevard but they want to stay alive just as much as us, and winter is coming. It turns out insects and other pests do a lot of weird things to stay alive when it gets cold. Like the snowbirds, they head south to warmer climates. Some of the freakier ones go dormant in a stage called “diapause,” a form of […]

by Storm Guard
Oct 01
Five Things You Should Have in Your Home Before Winter Hits

Five Things You Should Have in Your Home Before Winter Hits

As they say, winter is coming, and even as we get kids back to school and cozy up to autumn rituals, it’s important to be prepared. Many people don’t stop to take account of what we have on hand, so we don’t really think about what we might need when winter weather and other storms hit. Here are five categories of things you could need in the event of a winter storm. 1. The Necessities This […]

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Nov 20
Car driving down snow-covered road

Tracking Down the Top Historic Winter Storms in the U.S.

In all the time that the United States has recorded weather, there have always been those rare winter blizzards that exceed all forecasts, break weather records, and cause mass devastation on an unprecedented scale. Here are some of the biggest winter storms in American history. 1. The Blizzard of 1888: “The Great White Hurricane” (March 11-14, 1888) There are entire websites devoted to this whopper of a storm that paralyzed New York in the […]

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Sep 25
Person carrying a tool bag

Nine Apartment Maintenance Tips for Landlords and Property Managers

Winter is coming, so it’s time to prepare before you land new tenants or start fielding maintenance requests from your current apartment tenants. As a landlord or property manager, you have both specific and general responsibilities when it comes to all aspects of your apartment rental properties. These responsibilities are usually explicitly discussed in a lease or rental agreement, or they may be more general agreements between you and your tenants to keep up […]

by Storm Guard
Jan 02
House covered in feet of snow

Preparing Your Home For A Blizzard

During the winter, it’s important to prep your home for the worst. While, yes, it’s essential to implement emergency action plans to keep your family safe, it’s also essential to prepare your home for the damages that can accompany blizzards. There are a few ways to keep your home in the best shape for severe winter weather, so make sure you are taking the proper precautions to keep your family and your home safe […]

by Storm Guard
Oct 24
Pool rail

Pool Prep: Winter is Coming!

The winter season is growing near! So, it’s time to start prepping your pool. For anyone in the northern states, you know this doesn’t simply mean laying down a pool cover and calling it a day. Making sure your pool can endure a harsh winter means putting in a little extra effort. But trust us – it’s going to pay off! Clean Clean Clean! You want your pool to be in tip-top shape once you’re […]

by Storm Guard
Jan 18
Couple using roller paint brush, painting the wall yellow

Winter Home Improvements

Although this winter season has been a warmer winter compared to others, there are days that are unbearably cold to leave the house. And if you find yourself sitting around for too long, you might start thinking of all the chores and home improvements that need to be completed. If you’re avoiding the exterior work, try doing renovations to the inside of your home. After all, it’s never too early to begin spring cleaning. […]

by Storm Guard