Apr 25
Light bulb turned off

The Importance of Generators

Disclaimer: This blog was written during a power outage. Natural disasters happen. Power outages happen. The U.S. experiences 3,000 power outages per year, affecting at least 41 million people. And while natural disasters are out of your realm of control, you can control the severity of a power outage – to a certain extent. Home generators can keep you plugged in when your power lines are down. So if your power goes out, you […]

by Storm Guard
Feb 29
Phone with weather alert displayed

Weather Alerts? There’s an App for That

When it comes to natural disasters, you never want to be left in the dark. Fortunately the technology in our smartphones is more powerful than ever. Now there are advanced weather apps that can track local weather conditions in your area – much more advanced than the weather app built into your smartphone. So if you’re not near a TV or radio, you can still be alerted of any serious weather alerts – as […]

by Storm Guard
Nov 09
Person watching a storm tracker on a tablet

Important Documents to Have Before a Storm

Disaster plans are not always top of mind for most homeowners until there is a threat of a natural disaster occurrence. And although your area may be less prone to a natural disaster, it is always good to be prepared with a plan. When creating your disaster plan, whether it be for a hurricane, tornado, or flood, you should always store away important documents in a safe place. Protect Your Important Papers and Documents […]

by Storm Guard
Apr 27
First aid survival kit in the foreground with a tornado in the background

How to Prepare for a Tornado

Tornadoes are the most violent of all atmospheric storms. With wind speeds reaching up to 300 mph, serious damage can be done to your property and harm your loved ones. Between 2010 and 2013, approximately 48% of confirmed tornadoes touched down in April and May and were responsible for more than 85% of confirmed deaths. Tornadoes are not always predictable, so with the arrival of spring, it is important to stay ahead of the game […]

by Storm Guard