Jun 06

Pet Hurricane Plan

When preparing for a hurricane, you should always have a disaster plan for your pets. If you do not have a plan for your pets during a major storm, they are at risk of getting lost, hurt, and even killed. Disaster Kit Your pets need to have an emergency kit like the one you’ve made for yourself. Have a pet carrier ready and fully stocked. There should be at least three days’ worth of […]

by Storm Guard
Apr 25
Light bulb turned off

The Importance of Generators

Disclaimer: This blog was written during a power outage. Natural disasters happen. Power outages happen. The U.S. experiences 3,000 power outages per year, affecting at least 41 million people. And while natural disasters are out of your realm of control, you can control the severity of a power outage – to a certain extent. Home generators can keep you plugged in when your power lines are down. So if your power goes out, you […]

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Mar 30
Broom sweeping plant debris up

Spring Cleaning!

Nothing says goodbye to cold snowy weather like spring cleaning! Spring is a great time of year to work on the exterior components of your home. The weather is the perfect temperature, where it’s not too hot and it’s not too cold, and the snow is typically all melted away. When you begin your spring cleaning endeavor, there are certain tasks you should do to avoid issues down the road. Debris Clean Up After […]

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Jan 19
Man looking over a property

Easy Steps to Inspect Your Property 2x a Year

With a New Year comes New Year’s resolutions and for many, that means exercising more often, eating healthier, or spending less. But what about making a resolution for your home’s well-being? Inspections to your property can be done in as infrequently as twice a year and will benefit your home for years to come. It is advised that these inspections occur in the spring and fall, as these times of year have the best […]

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Oct 27
Two images in one showing a fixed roof to the left and a ruined roof on the right

How Long Should a Roof Last?

Whether you’re a new homeowner or one who has lived in the same residency for years, there are some things you should know when it comes to the average life expectancy of your roof. Several factors affect its longevity, both increasing and decreasing its useful life. The good news is you can control some of these factors; the not-so-good news is you cannot control some of these factors. Two major factors affecting the lifespan […]

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Jul 22
Hand cleaning gutters

Cleaning Gutters: The Forgotten Chore

Running errands, doing household chores, and working a full-time job is a real balancing act.

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