Oct 09
Home covered in yellow and orange fall leaves

How to Prep Your Home for Fall

Well, summer has long since passed and we’re officially in fall. It’s the perfect time to refresh your home and give it a good once over in advance of autumn winds and wintry weather. As the seasons change, so do the needs of our homes, as well as the activities we do in and around them. It’s a good time to perform any necessary or desired maintenance in order to keep your home running smoothly. From inspecting your […]

by Storm Guard
Sep 25
Person carrying a tool bag

Nine Apartment Maintenance Tips for Landlords and Property Managers

Winter is coming, so it’s time to prepare before you land new tenants or start fielding maintenance requests from your current apartment tenants. As a landlord or property manager, you have both specific and general responsibilities when it comes to all aspects of your apartment rental properties. These responsibilities are usually explicitly discussed in a lease or rental agreement, or they may be more general agreements between you and your tenants to keep up […]

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Apr 24
Hands covered in purple cleaning gloves carrying a basket with cleaning products, towels and flowers

Surprising Household Substances to Help with Spring Cleaning

Even though much of the country is still coping with a surprisingly robust winter storm right now, others are starting to think about spring cleaning. Here in America, spring cleaning is an especially necessary custom due to much of the country being geographically located in continental and wet climates. Long before the advent of air conditioning or vacuum cleaners, March was often the best time for dusting because the weather gets warm enough to […]

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Mar 13
Cardboard box packed with picture frames, calculator, clock, radio, and other items

Space-Saving Tips to Get Some Breathing Room Back

If you have ever thought to yourself, “How did I ever get so much stuff?” then it’s probably time to reorganize. We all have spaces, sheds, and closets that are overstuffed with things we don’t use regularly, seasonal items, and often things we can’t even find when we need them, especially if you move regularly. Here are some tips to save a little space for yourself in your home. 1. Declutter This is the […]

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Jan 30
Paint bucket of white paint in the foreground and a man painting the wall in the background

New Year New Home: DIY Hacks to Spruce Up Your Space

We have finally begun the new year, and it’s a great time to start improving your home. Home improvements are a great way to give your home a fresh look, and they don’t always have to cost you an arm and a leg. There are a ton of creative hacks out there that can spruce up anything in your house from the walls to the flooring. Here are a few DIY hacks that any […]

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Jan 02
House covered in feet of snow

Preparing Your Home For A Blizzard

During the winter, it’s important to prep your home for the worst. While, yes, it’s essential to implement emergency action plans to keep your family safe, it’s also essential to prepare your home for the damages that can accompany blizzards. There are a few ways to keep your home in the best shape for severe winter weather, so make sure you are taking the proper precautions to keep your family and your home safe […]

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Aug 01
Collage of images of painting, roofing, and caulking

StormGuard’s Top 5 Blogs

Storm Guard has kept you updated on everything from the latest trends in homecare to the franchise’s driving force for success. Take a look at some of Storm Guard’s most popular blogs and explore how these tips can help you!   1.     The Importance of Pruning and Trimming  2.     The Driving Force Behind Storm Guard’s Success 3.     Spotlight: Why Is Storm Guard in Apex, NC So Successful? 4.     How Do You Know When Your Roof Needs to Be […]

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Jul 18
The Five Best Projects to Complete This Summer – Featured Image

The Five Best Projects to Complete This Summer

With extra hours of sunlight each day and vacation time that you may not have used up just yet, summer is the perfect time to complete a few home projects. From preparing your home for the fall and winter seasons to finally cleaning out the garage, there are tons of things that can be done around the house and at a low cost this summer. Clean Out Those Gutters Once the leaves start falling […]

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Jul 05
Flip flops on a shield icon with a house in the background

Preparing Your Home for Summer Vacation

Summertime is finally here, which means kids are out of school and family vacations are scheduled. And if you’re planning a summer vacation, there are several steps to prep your home while you’re away. Do You Have a Plan? You’ve made plans for your vacation but have you made plans for your vacant home? Make arrangements with a neighbor or family friend to check up on your home during longer vacations. If someone is […]

by Storm Guard
Jun 20
Hurricane yield road sign

Hurricane Season Preparedness

It’s now hurricane season and we’ve got you covered with the essential hurricane preparedness resources to keep you ahead of the game. 2016 has already proven to be a hurricane-heavy year with Hurricane Alex in January. 2016 will continue to be a less than quiet storm season with an average of six hurricanes expected. And while you might not live in a coastal area, you are still susceptible to hurricane damages. Here’s a checklist […]

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