Dec 04
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What is a Nor’Easter?

It’s a word bantered around by meteorologists regularly, one delivered with a strong New England accent in the region: the “nor’easter.” It’s one of weather’s wackiest weather terms, but these storms are no joke. These infamous storms can combine torrential rains, strong storms, and fierce blizzards into one ferocious package that can knock New England out of power for days, sometimes weeks. But what is a nor’easter, and why is it so unique in the North American climate? Let’s […]

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Nov 20
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Tracking Down the Top Historic Winter Storms in the U.S.

In all the time that the United States has recorded weather, there have always been those rare winter blizzards that exceed all forecasts, break weather records, and cause mass devastation on an unprecedented scale. Here are some of the biggest winter storms in American history. 1. The Blizzard of 1888: “The Great White Hurricane” (March 11-14, 1888) There are entire websites devoted to this whopper of a storm that paralyzed New York in the […]

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Nov 06
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The History of Weather Gods

These days, most people might be used to seeing “gods” personified on screen in movies like Thor, Immortals, and Clash of the Titans. But the history of weather gods is actually a fascinating, complex, and educational chronicle, filled with great stories and insights into the human condition.       The Folklore of Weather For thousands of years, civilization has been fascinated with the study of weather, known to us today as meteorology. There are records of societies that performed intricate […]

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Jul 05
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Eight Wacky Weather Terms You Never Heard Before

The science of meteorology must have some of the most complex terminology in any science, and when you add in colloquial terms and slang, the vocabulary we use to describe the weather can get downright wacky. Here are some of the most out-there weather terms we’ve run across in digging into the weather. 1. Toad Strangler This is a colloquialism native to the southern United States that describes an extremely heavy downpour of rain […]

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Aug 01
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StormGuard’s Top 5 Blogs

Storm Guard has kept you updated on everything from the latest trends in homecare to the franchise’s driving force for success. Take a look at some of Storm Guard’s most popular blogs and explore how these tips can help you!   1.     The Importance of Pruning and Trimming  2.     The Driving Force Behind Storm Guard’s Success 3.     Spotlight: Why Is Storm Guard in Apex, NC So Successful? 4.     How Do You Know When Your Roof Needs to Be […]

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