Sep 12
Various tools laid out on a wood table - paint brushes, hammer, screwdrivers

Average Lifetime of Home Repairs

Sometimes we need a fresh new paint job or a beautiful new wood floor. But how much should you be spending based on the life expectancy of these repairs or renovations? Take a look how long these common repairs last to better assess how much you should invest! Sources [1] How Long Can You Expect Your Roof or Fridge to Last? [2] 6 Signs You Need to Replace Your Carpet [3] How Long Things […]

by Storm Guard
Aug 15
Kitchen with a stove and microwave in view

Average Life Expectancies of Your Home Appliances

Unfortunately, many of our appliances come with an expiration date. It’s best to know how long these items will last in our homes before we make decisions on new purchases. Take a look at this chart to see how long your appliances last and whether or not you are due for an upgrade! Keep in mind that your appliances will always last longer with proper upkeep and caretaking. Not every appliance will last to […]

by Storm Guard