Oct 26
2 images showing how freezing effects brick and slate

The Effects of the Freeze-Thaw Cycle

If you’ve ever experienced one day where it is shorts weather and then the next day you’re wearing a winter jacket, you are not alone. This drastic swing in temperatures is known to be associated with the freeze-thaw cycle. And no, it does not have anything to do with freezing meat and then letting it thaw out on the counter top. The freeze-thaw cycle occurs when there is moisture in the air and the […]

by Storm Guard
Oct 13
Damaged roof with hail on it

Damage Series Part 2: The Damage of Hail to Your Home

For most homeowners, sitting out on a recliner on your front porch during a thunderstorm is considered calming and relaxing. Unfortunately though, sometimes those thunderstorms have cumulonimbus clouds that drop pellets of frozen rain. Yes, we are talking about hailstones, and they can lead to serious property damage. Hailstones, or hail pellets, are layers of ice and water that fall out of the sky and come in all different shapes and sizes. What in […]

by Storm Guard
Aug 12
Ice frozen over into a gutter

What Are Ice Dams and Why Are They Formed?

The attic is a part of the house that is typically underappreciated and is known as an awkward space for storing junk.

by Storm Guard