February, 2019

Feb 27
Stairs leading into a basement.

Tips for Proper Basement Maintenance Over Time

Being a homeowner comes with a lot of pressure. From lawns to roofs, there’s a ton of stuff to keep running, repaired, and reasonably priced at any given time. The bad news is that your basement is no different. While it might just seem like a convenient place to put the washer/dryer or store your old stuff, basements take some attention each year to keep them in tip-top shape over time. Just like your roof, which is another place […]

by Storm Guard
Feb 20
photo of halloween decorations with the number six in the middle

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Feb 18
In a laundry room, a woman smiling at her toddler son, who sits giggling in a laundry basket.

Here are Six Home Maintenance Tasks to Tackle this February

With some massive winter storms and record freezing temperatures rocking the country right now, it might not feel like spring is right around the corner but before you know it, there will be gardens to tend, exterior walls to paint, and gutters to clean. February is a great time to give your home the once-over both inside and out so you keep the place fresh and prevent problems that might require a professional to fix once they’ve gone too far. Here are […]

by Storm Guard