July, 2017

Jul 31
Pair of dirty shoes

Top Five Smells to Be Concerned About in your Home

A wide variety of sources can cause a house to smell poorly, from the trash that’s overdue for the dumpster to a teenager’s body odor. But some smells require more attention than others because they can cause health problems, fires, or even death. Let’s take a closer look at five domestic odors you should pay attention to if they occur in your home. 5. Smoke If you smell smoke in your home, exit your home through […]

by Storm Guard
Jul 17
Field with dandelions

What are the Best Natural Weed Killers?

Regardless of where you stand on the environment, there’s no doubt that commercial weed killers are some nasty stuff. In fact, one of the most popular commercial weed killers, Monsanto’s Roundup product, is based on a chemical called glyphosate, which the World Health Organization says is “probably carcinogenic,” meaning it causes cancer. That’s a high price to pay not to have dandelions in the yard this summer. Luckily, there are lots of better options using natural […]

by Storm Guard
Jul 05
Man looking perplexed with a red background with white questions marks covering it

Eight Wacky Weather Terms You Never Heard Before

The science of meteorology must have some of the most complex terminology in any science, and when you add in colloquial terms and slang, the vocabulary we use to describe the weather can get downright wacky. Here are some of the most out-there weather terms we’ve run across in digging into the weather. 1. Toad Strangler This is a colloquialism native to the southern United States that describes an extremely heavy downpour of rain […]

by Storm Guard