April, 2017

Apr 24
Hands covered in purple cleaning gloves carrying a basket with cleaning products, towels and flowers

Surprising Household Substances to Help with Spring Cleaning

Even though much of the country is still coping with a surprisingly robust winter storm right now, others are starting to think about spring cleaning. Here in America, spring cleaning is an especially necessary custom due to much of the country being geographically located in continental and wet climates. Long before the advent of air conditioning or vacuum cleaners, March was often the best time for dusting because the weather gets warm enough to […]

by Storm Guard
Apr 10
Roof structure beans on top of a house

Roofing 101: Learn the Forms, Structures, Materials, Types, and Functions of Roofs

When it comes to building or re-building a home, it’s easy to fall into the pitfall of underestimating the roof. It’s the part that goes on top, right? In fact, a roof is a relatively complicated structure of a home and it’s also one of the most essential ones, given that it protects your family from rain, snow, wind, falling squirrels, and so forth. Depending on the purpose of the home that it covers, […]

by Storm Guard