March, 2017

Mar 27
Little girl looking into a full rain barrel

Rain Barrels: How They Work

When installed and used properly, rain barrels can be a safe and efficient way to capture a valuable resource that would otherwise be lost to storm drains. In the simplest terms, rain barrels collect water from rooftops and store it for later use. What is a Rain Barrel? Rain Barrels are specifically designed or adapted containers that hold between 40 and 80 gallons of water. These unique home devices come in a variety of […]

by Storm Guard
Mar 20
Close up of Roomba device

Product Spotlight: Roomba

As the weather gets warmer, it’s time to start thinking about spring cleaning, and one of the most important elements of this task is vacuuming all those little-used spaces you don’t usually get around to cleaning. Why not have a robot do your vacuuming for you instead? Yes, really. It might sound like an Internet start-up but the Roomba is actually one of the most well-established and innovative cleaning products on the market. Roomba is a […]

by Storm Guard
Mar 13
Cardboard box packed with picture frames, calculator, clock, radio, and other items

Space-Saving Tips to Get Some Breathing Room Back

If you have ever thought to yourself, “How did I ever get so much stuff?” then it’s probably time to reorganize. We all have spaces, sheds, and closets that are overstuffed with things we don’t use regularly, seasonal items, and often things we can’t even find when we need them, especially if you move regularly. Here are some tips to save a little space for yourself in your home. 1. Declutter This is the […]

by Storm Guard