October, 2016

Oct 24
Pool rail

Pool Prep: Winter is Coming!

The winter season is growing near! So, it’s time to start prepping your pool. For anyone in the northern states, you know this doesn’t simply mean laying down a pool cover and calling it a day. Making sure your pool can endure a harsh winter means putting in a little extra effort. But trust us – it’s going to pay off! Clean Clean Clean! You want your pool to be in tip-top shape once you’re […]

by Storm Guard
Oct 10
Neighborhood with purple sky and lighting above it

The Detriments (and Surprising Benefit) of Lightning on Your Home

Lightning strikes about 25 million times per year in the United States, as per weather.com. That being said, your home, yard, and/or trees have a relatively high likelihood of being struck. It’s important to know how lightning can impact your home both negatively and positively. Let’s shed a little light on the possibilities… Power Surges This is a pretty common side effect of lightning. Lightning can cause a power surge in your home, even if it doesn’t specifically hit […]

by Storm Guard