September, 2016

Sep 20
Sandbags in front of a door

Flooding: Taking the Rain Head On

Anyone who lives on the East Coast recently endured some pretty heavy rains with Hurricane Hermine. Starting in Florida as a category one hurricane, Hermine traveled up the East Coast. While it downgraded to a tropical storm as it moved northeast, the rain damage and flooding was very significant. It’s important to take preventative action in preparation for a large storm such as Hermine. So what can you do before and after heavy rains and flooding?  […]

by Storm Guard
Sep 12
Various tools laid out on a wood table - paint brushes, hammer, screwdrivers

Average Lifetime of Home Repairs

Sometimes we need a fresh new paint job or a beautiful new wood floor. But how much should you be spending based on the life expectancy of these repairs or renovations? Take a look how long these common repairs last to better assess how much you should invest! Sources [1] How Long Can You Expect Your Roof or Fridge to Last? [2] 6 Signs You Need to Replace Your Carpet [3] How Long Things […]

by Storm Guard