January, 2015

Jan 19
Man looking over a property

Easy Steps to Inspect Your Property 2x a Year

With a New Year comes New Year’s resolutions and for many, that means exercising more often, eating healthier, or spending less. But what about making a resolution for your home’s well-being? Inspections to your property can be done in as infrequently as twice a year and will benefit your home for years to come. It is advised that these inspections occur in the spring and fall, as these times of year have the best […]

by Storm Guard
Jan 05
Roof with no snow on top

The Importance of Snow Removal from Your Roof

After a snow fall, shoveling your driveway is at the top of your to-do list, because a little snow shouldn’t stop you from getting out and getting on with your regular schedule. But have you ever thought to take a break from bending over and turn your focus upwards for a minute? Not only can knee-deep white powder be an obstacle on the ground, it could be a mounting concern on your roof. Houses in […]

by Storm Guard