December, 2014

Dec 22
Are You Paying the Right Insurance Deductible for Your Home - Featured Image

Are You Paying the Right Insurance Deductible for Your Home?

Lowering monthly expenses is always a homeowner’s top priority. After watching your water consumption and turning off all the lights, consider reviewing your homeowner’s insurance to not only find savings but an added sense of financial balance. Your instincts might tell you to raise the deductible to lower your annual premium. But with the average homeowner’s deductible around $500, you have to know if you can readily absorb a cost any higher than that. […]

by Storm Guard
Dec 08
View of a house through a magnifying glass

Storm Guard’s Property Inspection Process

Exterior damage to your home is more common than most people think. What seems like a minuscule thing can actually form into a major issue down the road. Minor cracks in your roof can lead to leaks, molding, and higher energy costs. Small dents, soft spots, and loose shingles create a weak roof. And tiny debris and cracks in your gutters can cause clogs, ice dams, and even allow water into your basement. With […]

by Storm Guard