November, 2014

Nov 24
Home about to be hit by a tornado

Damage Series Part 4: The Damage of Tornadoes to Your Home

On average, approximately 1,200 tornadoes occur in the U.S. each year. Compared to earlier years, 2013 was relatively quiet but still resulted in 54 fatalities and over a billion dollars in damage according to National Climatic Data Center records. Even if you don’t live in a high-risk state like Kansas or Nebraska, strong and violent tornadoes can – and do – happen. Depending on the type of twister, you could have serious repercussions spinning […]

by Storm Guard
Nov 10
Palm trees blowing over in storm wind

Damage Series Part 3: The Damage of Wind to Your Home

The forecast calls for gusting winds, so you close all the doors and windows in the house and listen to it roar from the comfort of your bed. You’re safe and sound, right? Unfortunately, you’re wrong to underestimate the power of wind. Let’s consider the fact that wind has contributed to unique land formations like the great Devils Tower. It has also moved massive ships across our seven oceans and continues to power hot […]

by Storm Guard